April 26

Office-Janitorial cleaning services

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Sound Familiar?

“Our cleaning service just doesn’t do what the contract says”

“I complain and it gets better, and then it slips back again” 

“I deal with cleaning issues much too often”

Introducing Wow Office – Janitorial Services
office janitorial services

  • Owners who are in our customers’ buildings every night, making sure that our operations (and yours) are running smoothly.
  • Our employees must have spotless backgrounds and excellent work histories.
  • We don’t buy nor sell contracts, and we are not a franchise.
  • We use non-destructive and environmentally-friendly cleaning products whenever possible


  • We put more of your money back into your building by finding good people, paying them wages that make the work rewarding, and by giving them the training, supervision, and support they need.

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  • When you call my office, you won’t be routed from a receptionist to a sales rep and then to a district manager….etc
  • Someone else might answer the phone, but after that, it goes directly to ME, and every communication will be handled quickly.
  • You’ll receive copies of my company’s business license, proof of insurance, proof of bond, and a letter of L&I compliance. If you like, I’ll name you as a co-insured.
  • We refuse to lose an account due to bad service. We do a lot of late-night inspecting, and if we see something we don’t like, we’ll take care of it before your people show up in the morning.
  • Your facility probably doesn’t need a contractor with hundreds of employees. It probably needs one well-trained janitor or a small crew, with an owner and a management team who will take the time to train them, support them, and communicate with them, and someone who will communicate with you, too.
  • As owners and managers, we feel it’s our job to serve our cleaners, so collectively, we can give you the best service possible.


This is my company, and my family’s future, and I’ll work as hard as anyone to keep your business forever.


I sincerely hope that  you’ll allow me to back up every word I’ve written here – and thanks for reading.


Call or TEXT us TODAY @ 682-651-7576 for a FREE, FRIENDLY and NO PRESSURE QUOTE.

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We’d love to show you just how good janitorial really can be.



Best Regards,